The misspelling is deliberate. I do crave an exotic journey, but at the heart of it is lust for wonder, which is to be found everywhere, if your eyes and heart are open.

Wonderlust is where I share standalone stories and singular accounts of anything I’ve seen or done on my travels that I really think you should know about — weekend getaways, day trips, cool hotels, interesting experiences, beautiful buildings. If it’s not about food or a serialized travelogue, this is where you’ll find it.



Travelogues are travel journals of longer trips to exotic places like Ecuador, Istanbul and Florida.

These are like my vacation slideshow, only longer and hopefully with entertainment value. They are mostly for my Mum, but I hope you’ll be inspired to break out of your comfort zone and try on a new country, state, or highway.


oysters-&-chocolateOysters and Chocolate are my two favorite foods, and I would survive on them if I could.

I have manifested these ingredients of bliss into my life by a) moving to the Pacific Northwest, and more specifically, next to one of the best oyster-producing bays in the world, and b) finding chocolate wherever it hides. Oysters & Chocolate is anything food. Cooking, hunting, entertaining, a good restaurant, a better recipe, a sublime food experience. Eating is something we all need to do to survive. If we are very blessed, we get to enjoy both its physical and spiritual sustenance. Food is sacred and should be divinely enjoyable. I’d like to help that happen for you.