There’s some debate as to whether or not I’m a freelance writer or an unemployed dilettante. Since I don’t like to argue, I’ll concede that I’m probably a little of both. How did I get this way?

I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, but have lived most of my life on the Pacific Coast — first in Los Angeles, and now in Washington state. I spent 30 years working in some aspect of the entertainment industry — development, production, post production, then screenwriting.

I married the handsome and brilliant boy I loved in college, who also became a screenwriter. By the time I realized his depression was a wound that would never heal, only grow deeper, I was too far gone. I had chosen my life’s role – to love him and support him and give him something to live for. It wasn’t always easy, but it was clear, and even safe. I was riding the tide. Then I hit the sand – hard.

When Michael took his own life, I lost my cognitive abilities for a couple of years. My mind was a marble in a washing machine, swirling and never settling. I couldn’t stop moving, so I didn’t. I played the widow card. I decided I wasn’t going to do anything I didn’t passionately want to do.

I quit my job as a creative executive, realizing with a gut punch that I was helping everyone but myself to achieve their dreams. I traveled, a lot. I ate, a lot. I took pictures (a lot). I did things I never would have done in my old life, and it was amazing to have no control and no excuses. I fell in love again, with a man who inspires me every day to appreciate life and the great infinite. I started to live – not again, but perhaps for the first time fully.

It’s never too late to find your bliss. Fear is mostly what stops us. Fear is a healthy thing to pay attention to. Some of the time, it keeps us alive. Much of the time, though, it keeps us from living. I started this blog because the need to share my journeys — large, small, within, without — finally outweighed my fears at revealing my self.

My little bit of bliss is sucking up as much as I can about the lives of my fellow beings on this ball of earth, wind, fire and water. My journeys have given me the best gift a writer could ask for — stories. These are mine, and I hope you choose to share yours, whatever form they might take.

-Linda Engelsiepen